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Welcome to Promising Pathways Scholarships!

Promising Pathways Scholarships provides funding for higher education and free career coaching services to low-income students who are single parents and students who are hard of hearing. These awards go toward completing technical programs, two-year undergraduate degrees, or four-year undergraduate degrees. 


We are offering these scholarships and career coaching services to help students work toward their degrees, because higher education is considered the most reliable and promising pathway to long-term economic security as well as other positive outcomes for individuals and their families (including higher earnings, improved health and well-being, benefits for dependent children, and reduction in need for public benefits). Ultimately postsecondary education leads to work with livable and sustainable wages and helps to break the cycle of poverty. You can read more about us and the research on the About page. 

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If you are a student who is looking for scholarships, we are so glad you found us! In addition to students receiving funds to help pay for their degrees or training programs, each winner is offered four free career coaching sessions to be used over a four-year period (with Career Coach Emily Seamone). Check out the requirements for these two awards and submit your applications here: 




Please see our Blog for additional scholarships. Be sure to also check out other possibilities on, which is the host for our scholarships.


If you are a donor or potential donor, we are also thrilled you are here! We are so appreciative of all your support in helping students to work toward their degrees and provide a promising pathway for themselves and their families.


There are a few ways you can help:  


You can read more about these opportunities on the Support Us page. Thank you for helping to make a difference in these students and their families’ lives!

Join Us! 

Help students build financially stable, secure, and promising futures for themselves and their families. Together we can make a difference!

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